Monday, September 23, 2013

Modern Rocket Boys Triangle Quilt

This quilt is currently for sale in my shop here.
This is one of my favorite quilts that I've done in a while.  I just love the Rocket Launch Club prints in Sarah Jane's Children at Play line.  They're getting hard to find, but you can still find a lot of the collection on Amazon or Etsy if you look around.

I love the little boys playing around doing brainy things.

You might remember the This Way and That Quilt I made with these fabrics for my nephew.

I bought a bunch of the fabrics about 8 months ago to make the hexagon quilt for Anson.  Yeah, I know...his is still'll get done sometime...

Anyway, I had lots of these 5" equilateral triangles left over after cutting out Anson's hexagons.  I'm always a sucker for scraps, and with these all being cut to the same size, I just couldn't toss them.  Then I saw this quilt from Lee at Freshly Pieced and I knew exactly what kind of quilt those triangles would go into.

The white is Kona Cotton in white.  I just cut out a whole bunch of triangles from it and had fun laying them out.  I didn't have any particular except that I wanted it to look pretty random with clumps of white and clumps of color with different patterns popping out all over the place.

I kept the stripes all going the same direction and tried to balance the amount of red, green, and blue through the quilt, but still let there be clumps of each one in a few places.

We've been getting more fall weather lately, so I'm going to have to be make sure to take advantage of good weather when I get it.  The sky was beautiful when I was photographing it...perfect rocket launching weather.
I wanted something basic and simple for the back since the front has a lot going on with it.  I opted for the blue polka dots from the front and Kona White and Grass Green in off center stripes for the back.

I didn't think of it at the time, but it kind of makes me think of the green stripey fabric on the front.

The binding is machine sewn from Kona Grass Green.

I quilted in white about 1/4 inch off the seam on both sides, so that the overall pattern is lots of triangles with these fun six pointed stars in each place the triangles meet.

I love how it looks on the back.
I really love how it turned out.  As in I wish I had an excuse to keep it...but I don' I've listed it in my shop.

And I love this quilt enough, I'll be making another one.  This time using my left over triangles from the Children at Play prints in the other palette.  The pale green in there will be what the white triangles are...but I've got about 10 other projects I need to get to before I can start this one.

And speaking of my shop...I've got a giveaway up for a $15 gift certificate to my shop to celebrate the release of a bunch of Harry Potter items (although you can use it on quilts and other things in my shop as well.  Click here to enter.

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  1. I love the way the triangle quilt turned out. It is so much fun!

  2. I love it, Polly! What a perfect little boy quilt, and such great colors. Just beautiful! : )

  3. I really do love this quilt! Everytime I see it I want to make it. Just got some fun new fabrics - will have to do something with them!

  4. Beautiful, Polly. I love the way the quilting turned out.

  5. I think it's all the white and then the pops of color.

  6. I love the design and colors of this quilt! Lovely quilting too! Congrts with your finish. Love from Amsterdam.

  7. It's just perfect! love everything in it! The fabrics, the pattern, the quilting...

  8. You struck the perfect balance between negative space and your design, well done! And to think you made this out of scraps - amazing!

  9. I love this quilt~ and I'm so drawn to the straight-line stitching!

  10. I love the randomness of the triangles.. and the quilting came out great!

  11. This is a really great triangle quilt! I love your design.


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