Monday, January 27, 2014

Geeky Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway: Anatomical Heart Necklace from Boutique Academia

If you're looking for a an awesomely geeky (and also classy) Valentine's gift, I've got you covered.

I've got some awesome fun projects and new shop items to show you soon...but I don't have the pictures and details quite ready yet...SO I've got a super awesome giveaway for you today instead.

Maile from Boutique Academia is giving away one of her gorgeous Anatomical Heart Necklaces.  Boutique Academia has a lot of amazing pieces of Jewelry and other products for people who love all things geek, but this is one of my favorites.  This is a really unique spin on what is usually so cliche.  The Anatomical Heart Necklace comes in either gold or rhodium.  Plus if you go ahead and order a necklace now and end up winning the giveaway, Maile will issue you a refund, so don't wait!

Maile also has some other pieces that fit with a Valentine's theme, like this Infinity Bracelet.

Or give a bouquet that will never wilt or grow old with this Rose Petal Cells Necklace.

And perhaps not typically Valentine themed, but what better way to say "I Love You to the Moon and Back," than with this Moon Necklace?

If you're not familiar with Boutique Academia, you'll want to head over and check out out all of her other unique math, science, and geek related pieces.  This is just a sampling...

And now for the giveaway!  This giveaway is open to US and International Readers.  If you live outside the US, it may not arrive in time for Valentine's Day as it can sometimes take up 6 weeks depending on the country.
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Onyx Constellation Southern Cross Necklace from Boutique Academia
Star Field Necklace from Boutique Academia
Carpe Noctem Necklace from Boutique Academia

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  1. I am a former bench scientist and the DNA jewelery makes me GIDDY!!

  2. My sister is a thoracic ICU nurse and would LOVE this necklace!

  3. I like them all! But I like the infinity bracelet the best.

  4. I absolutely love the Pi necklace or the infinity bracelet.

  5. I really would love the anatomical heart necklace! I have been diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy, ad congestive heart failure at 34, and love things to do with the hear! Alternate email

  6. I love the anatomical heart!! My daughter has three heart defects & has undergone 3 open heart surgeries.

  7. love the new theobromine necklace, and the new infinity bracelet, but I can't get over the neuron and dna earrings!

  8. I have the star field necklace and wore it to homecoming. To match, my date had a tie with planets on it. Best outfit pair ever!

  9. My favourite is the moon necklace :)

  10. My sweety and I found numerous items that we like! ( he was looking over my shoulder...had to share. )
    I like the anatomical heart, the moon necklace, the neuron earrings, the serotonin necklace...The anatomical heart necklace...:-)

  11. I better question might be what don't I love? They are all super nerdy and great! But I love love love the DNA earrings and the neuron earrings.

  12. constellation southern cross necklace

  13. Love the infinity bracelt and constellation necklace


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