Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2 DIY Super Easy Dr. Seuss Themed Shirts - The Cat in the Hat and a Star-Bellied Sneech

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The best inspiration always seems to strike at the last minute...and these shirts were last minute...and the kids LOVE them.
 If you need a fast and easy DIY Dr. Seuss shirt, you've come to the right place.

Back when I was mentally planning out the different projects and blog posts I wanted to do during For the LOVE of BOOKS, this wasn't something I had planned, but...

...  I happened to find a fun Dr. Seuss shirt at the thrift store for $3 last week.  It's on the big side, so it went to Katie.

Anson already had his own hand-me-down Dr. Seuss Shirt from a friend.

So the night before Dr. Seuss Day at school, I asked Seth if he wanted a shirt to wear to school.  I was envisioning something more like Becca and was showing him some Dr. Seuss fabric I had from Sisters and Quilters with lots of characters on it.  He pointed out the star-bellied sneech and said he really liked that story a lot.  So I went and checked my T-shirt stash to see if I might possibly be lucky enough to have a yellow one.  AND we did!  I slapped a green star on there with some Heat'n Bond Lite and stitched around the edge.  It probably took 10 minutes to make total.  The green star is out of T-shirt fabric, so we just had to stitch around the doesn't fray, so you don't need to zigzag the edges.

Seth is thrilled with it.

I think he was all the more thrilled with it because Katie didn't know what it was and wasn't familiar with the story.  That kind of thing doesn't happen often.

And he had to add his own personal marker tattoo underneath his shirt.

You can copy this image onto your computer and resize to fit your child...or you can draw your own. 

And that left Miss Becca as the only kid without a shirt.  I went back to the T-shirt stash and found this blue one.  (It's one of several I was supposed to turn into matching pajamas for the kids at Christmas...oops!)

Becca already owned some red and white striped tights handed down from Katie.  (Let me tell you...I'm finally glad I bought these tights.  I bought them a couple years ago and the girls want to wear them to church with every pastel dress they own.)

We picked out the red Cat in the Hat fabric to contrast with the blue shirt.  The white around the edge is a T-shirt scrap that is appliqued on.  I played with having the white bubble go a different direction than the Dr. Seuss bubble, but Becca ultimately decided she wanted them to go the same direction.

If you'd like to use our wonky circles you can copy this image to your computer and resize to fit your shirt.

We paired it with a red-long sleeved shirt for warmth, red cut off pants, and the red and white tights and she looks adorable.  And since everything is a little big on her, it will still fit next year when she gets her first "real" Dr. Seuss Day in kindergarten.

And after wearing it for 2 days straight...she picked up and started reading The Cat in the Hat for the first time...and she was a pro at it.
So then she picked up Hop on Pop for the first time...and she aced that one too.
And this demonstrates why I do things like make reading themed shirts for the kids.  Becca never showed much interest in our Dr. Seuss books...and now suddenly she's reading them and falling in love with them.

The more ways we can find to help our kids interact with great children's literature, the more excited they will be about reading.

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  1. Love, love, love Dr. Seuss day. The shirts are awesome! I'll bet Seth was thrilled that he could give himself a "tattoo" and not get in trouble. :)

  2. Horton Hears a Who.... #1 favorite for all three of my boys - and all five of my gang read everything Dr.Suess! We still have the books for visiting grandkids - worse for wear after 45 years of readers, but still much loved! Now we're about to the Great Grandkids stage - oh, my! so really need to brush up on the reading skills!

  3. So awesome!! Your kids are cute!! Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday!
    ~ Betsy @ Romance on a dime


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