Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Little Guy Floppy Tie - Guest Post at Someday Crafts

Today I get to take a break from our For the LOVE of BOOKS series to be part of Crafting for Baby over at Someday Crafts.  With Easter coming up, 'tis the season to make sure our little guys have a spiffy new set of church clothes.  With my older son, this church clothes used to drive me crazy...particularly the shirts.  He looked so cute dressed up, but the button-down shirts seemed bulky and uncomfortable for such a little guy, and the shirts never seemed to stay tucked in...not to mention trying to get a tie to stay on a little guy.

So with our youngest I've gotten smart and made him tie onesies.  I've made a couple versions, but my favorite is this Little Guy Floppy Tie onesie.  This puts a new twist on the classic tie onesie.

Instead of having the whole tie sewn onto the shirt, the tie is loose and just the "knot" part of the tie is sewed down.

Click on over to my guest post at Someday Crafts to see the full Little Guy Floppy Tie tutorial.

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1 comment:

  1. He is so cute! I love that t-shirt necktie idea - it looks nice and "grown up," but it won't be too tight on his neck, won't get lost or need tying!


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