Friday, May 16, 2014

Super Hero Quilt (with the Avengers and Superman)

My nephew LOVES super heros...thanks to his dad (my brother) passing on his love. brother named his name is Ender, so that kind of gives you an idea.  (Yeah, I know Ender is not a super hero, but he's pretty close.)  Anyway, Ender needed a quilt fit for a super hero...something with plenty of POW!

His younger sister Avalon has a unicorn theme might remember the quilt we made her here.  They're a very literary family.  If you like science fiction, you should check out my brother David's blog here where he's sharing chapters for the book he's writingChapter 1 starts here.

Anyway, I digress...back to the quilt.  This has been a long time coming.  I was supposed to have it finished a month ago for the What's Your Super Hero Blog Hop over at Quilt'n Queen.  So my apologies to them for not getting this up on time.

As I've said before, I'm not a huge fan of licensed least my artistic sense is not...but kids LOVE the licensed stuff.  So when Joann's had the Marvel prints on sale, my mom picked some up for me to make a quilt for my nephew.  (Of all the prints, this one was my favorite.)

I'd also seen some fun super hero prints at Quilt Sandwich Fabrics and fell in love with this Superman the black and white and texty look to it all.

I didn't end up using it for this quilt, but Quilt Sandwich Fabrics also has Batman Fabric that's pretty awesome.

Well, turns out I'm not really up on my super heros.  Apparently Spiderman and his Avenger friends live in a completely different universe that Superman (Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics?) so they don't really belong together.

So Superman got his own side.  Hopefully this doesn't cause some cosmic disruption to have Marvel characters on one side and DC characters on the other side. 

This is definitely one of the more involved backs I've much so that I think this could make a totally awesome quilt front.  The quilt was a bit wider than typical fabric width.  Usually I take care of that with an accent strip down the middle, but I just didn't think that would work with the fabrics I was using, so instead the back got a nice big border around the edge, and of course a nice big BAM!

I figured a comic book quilt needed at least a little onomatopoeia,  I'd actually planned to put another word on the front side...but alas...I had some other projects to get to and decided to go for the short cut.  I think Ender will have fun playing I-Spy to find all his favorite characters anyway.

Last week we helped one of the kindergarten classes make their own quilt, and I brought this one in half-finished so the kids could see what the inside of a quilt looks like...all the boys were smitten with this one.   And I'll have that kindergarten quilt up to show you soon.

The pattern for the front is one that I came up with.  I've been working on a new quilt pattern that I'm hoping to have ready to share in a month or so. I tried to choose some solids that matched the basic colors in the pictures in the fabric.

And I'll have that kindergarten quilt up to show you soon.

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  1. I have no doubt that Ender is going to absolutely LOVE this quilt when he sees it!!

    Regarding your concerns about mixing Superman with the Avengers, I wouldn't worry about the reality-shattering consequences too much. Marvel and DC have crossed paths before:

  2. I totally love this quilt Polly! I am sure Ender will be so excited when he receives it. My youngest nephew would love this quilt, too. Chris is all about super heros and would be over the moon for the Superman fabrics.

  3. Lucky little nephew! It seems too girly to call this quilt beautiful…so I'll say that it's amazing and terrific! Good job!

  4. Holy amazing quilt Batman! This is VERY cool. My youngest is constantly trying to educate me in the whole DC/Marvel thing, even tests me sometimes to see if I know which is which. I get it right about 50% of the time!

  5. My sons would love this! And they're in their 30's:@) I'm sure the B-Day boy was thrilled!

  6. Pls forgive me if I'm asking a rhetorical question, but, where is the pattern for this adorable quilt?


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