Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Okay,so if you're a regular blog reader, you may have noticed that I haven't been writing many blog posts of my own lately.

Part of it is of course that it's summer, and the kids are home...

Seriously...they have grown so much since our first day of school picture!!  (I though it was funny that Katie and Seth both wore some of the same clothes on both their first and last day without even knowing it...and yeah, we swapped Becca for two cousins on the last day of school.  I only have 4 kids.)

...but then of course I have the hubby home for the summer too.  (He's a school teacher.)

Mostly I've just been taking more time to sew and create, both on my own projects as well as on orders for my shops.  Yes, you read that right...that's shops plural and I'll be telling you more about my new shop soon as well as have an awesome coupon code for you.

These each deserve their own posts...and will get them...but here are some sneak peeks to hold you over...
Wee Wander Hexagon Quilt in Blue - SOLD - Custom Orders here.

 Black and White I-Spy Plus Quilt - Available Here

Green, Blue, and Brown I-Spy Plus Signs - Top finished...destined for Seattle Children's Hospital Donation

Fabrics for Christmas Quilt - Top finished...will be going in my shop

 Black and gold fabrics for Hufflepuff Quilt Custom Order

Progress on the back for a Gryffindor Quilt Custom Order.

And last but not least...I finished this fun fabric ball for the Briar Rose Challenge hosted by Quilt Sandwich Fabrics.

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The Pigeon Fabric - From Quilt Sandwich Fabrics
Berenstein Bear Fabric - You Keep Me in Stitches
Oh, The Places You'll Go  Bundle - From Sisters and Quilters

Made to Order - I-Spy Quilt - From Pieces by Polly

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  1. OH! It's been such a long time since I have 'talked' to you. Glad about your shop"s", but sure that is keeping you busy. Love the blue hexie quilt! More later!!


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