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Violeta Cuddle Quilt-in-a-Day Free Pattern - Shannon Fabrics and Fairfield Cuddle Cake Challenge

I've got another fast and free cuddle quilt pattern to share with you today.

Shannon Fabrics and Fairfield World sent me these gorgeous cuddle fabrics and bamboo rayon/cotton blend batting as part of a Cuddle Cakes challenge.  I have also been compensated me to write this post and design a free quilt pattern for you.  All opinions and ideas are 100% my own.  This page contains affiliate links.

Using Shannon Fabrics precuts, you could easily finish this quilt in a day, and it's super soft and luxurious.  Most of the quilts I made either go into my shop or are given away as gifts, but my girls have informed me that this quilt HAS to stay.

You can see all the other Fairfield Master Maker's projects here.  For full instructions for my quilt, continue below:


1 Sterling Silver 10" Cuddle Cake from Shannon Fabrics.
2/3 Yard Madrid Cuddle in Violeta from Shannon Fabrics.
2/3 Yard Barcelona Cuddle in Violeta from Shannon Fabrics.
1/3 Yard Granada Cuddle in Violeta from Shannon Fabrics.
2 1/8 Yard Cuddle 3 in Charcoal from Shannon Fabrics for backing.
1/3 Yard Cuddle 3 in Ash from Shannon Fabrics for binding
1 Package 72"x 90" Nature-Fil Bamboo Rayon/Cotton blend batting from Fairfield
You can find our fabrics at many local quilt shops and fabric stores, and online at, and

And if you're more of a teal or yellow person than purple, Shannon Fabrics has these same prints in MarinaCarbon, and Limon colorways.

Other Supplies:
Rotary Cutter, Mat, and Quilting Ruler
Walking Foot
Sewing Machine
Basting Spray (Optional)

Finished Quilt is approximately 55" x 72" inches.

Start by cutting out your pieces.

  • You'll cut your Granada Cuddle fabric into six 10" squares.  Cuddle fabric comes 60" wide, so you'll need to be careful cutting to fit the 6.  If you end up short one, don't worry, you'll have a couple extra silver squares and you can substitute one in.
  • Six 10" x 19" rectangles each of your Madrid and Barcelona fabrics.  I did this by cutting 10 inch strips and then cutting them into 19" rectangles.

Lay out your pieces according to the following pattern. 
  • S = Sterling Silver Cuddle Cake Square
  • M = Madrid Rectangle
  • G = Granada Square
  • B = Barcelona Rectangle

Feel free vary things according to your tastes.  Since the silver squares in the Cuddle Cakes pack vary between light and dark, I tried to keep the light and dark squares balanced. Because I recieved more of the Madrid print and less of the Barcelona, my finished quilt is slightly different from the pattern, but following the pattern will give you an even more balanced quilt.  

When  you're arranging your pieces, note that there are 12 large blocks that each have two squares and one rectangle in them.  Also, be sure to lay out your squares so that all of the cuddle "pets" the same direction.  I "petted" all my cuddle toward the bottom of the quilt.  The exception is the vertical rectangles and those you will need to "pet" to the side.

Start by sewing each of your blocks together.  Lots of pinning is essential to sewing cuddle fabrics.  

Sew with a 1/2 inch seam.  You will also want to USE A WALKING FOOT on your machine.  My machine has a built in dual feed system, so a walking foot wasn't necessary and is not shown in the photo, but you'll want a walking foot on most machines.

Once the two squares in your block are sewn together, you need to sew it to the rectangle.  Pin well.

You'll end up with two kinds of blocks in different varieties.  Some will have two silver cuddle cakes squares, and some will have one silver square and one granada square.  Also, some of your squares will have vertical rectangles and some will be horizontal.

Then sew your blocks into rows the width of your quilt.  Each row will have 3 squares.

Then sew your rows together to finish your quilt.

Finish your quilt the same way you would a regular quilt.  Layer your backing, batting, and quilt top.  I prefer to baste my quilts with basting spray rather than using pins or a quilting frame.  To use spray, lay out your batting on a protected surface and secure the corners with mailing tape or something similar.  Lay your quilt top over batting and smooth.  Pull back half of quilt top and spray with basting spray.  Smooth quilt top back over basting spray beginning from the middle and working out any wrinkles.  Repeat for second side of quilt top.  Flip your quilt over and repeat for the quilt back.

Quilt using your favorite quilting pattern.  This quilt would look gorgeous with free motion quilting, but I chose to do X's through all the squares, and I love how it looks on the back.  You can do the quilting on your how machine.  Just be sure to use a walking foot.

Cut five 2" binding strips from your binding fabric to bind your quilt.  You may want to refer to these binding tips on the Shannon Fabrics website for binding your quilt.

The cuddle fabrics in this quilt are so soft, that you'll just want to curl up in it with your favorite book.  "I Love You the Purplest" by Barbara Joosse is an all-time favorite of mine and seemed like a great choice.

Although I think my 10-year-old  insisted Harry Potter would be a better choice...because as you know, we're rather Harry Potter crazy at our house.

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  1. I love the color combo. Beautiful quilt!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful quilt. I love the purple color! I'm in a quilt guild here in Maine and purple seems to be a favorite color for quilting this Spring. I've just added your blog to my sidebar so I can return to it again and again!
    Cheryl at 22 Applegate Lane


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