Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Bookshelf Mini-Quilt Tutorial

Bookshelf quilts are easy to put together and leave plenty of room for improvising with scraps and adding fun details.  March is National Reading Month, and this is the perfect way to celebrate!  Books and reading have always been big themes on my blog, and I've even made bookshelf quilts before, but I thought it was time for another one and to try adding titles this time.

This one was inspired by a mini-quilt swap I signed up for.  The recipient said she loved "Tiffany Blue, Hot Pink, and Lavender" and she was also a huge book nerd so I used those colors as my starting point.

I love the new "Scribble Stitch" technique I learned to add the titles and love the poofy look that the  Nature-Fil™ Wool Batting gives to it.

You can find my full tutorial for making your own Spring Bookshelf Quilt over on the Fairfield site.

Here are a couple of favorite bookshelf quilts from the past:
Teacher Retirement Book Quilt

Kindergarten Book Quilt

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