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Stair Step Quilt - Cuddle Quilt-in-a-Day - Men's Quilt - Teen Quilt

It's about time I shared a men's quilt.  This is the perfect fast quilt to whip up in time for a Father's Day quilt or as a graduation quilt for the favorite teen boy in your life.  Big thanks to Fairfield World for providing me with product and compensating me for this post as well as to Shannon Fabrics for providing me with the fabric.  This pattern was designed using EQ7.  All opinions, ideas, an enthusiasm are 100% my own.  This post may contain affiliate links to help support my blog and bring you more fun projects.

Of course this pattern can work just as well for girls and women if you choose fabrics to their interest and taste.

Dad's appreciate soft snuggly blankets as much as the rest of us even if they're a bit too manly to let us know.  My husband's favorite use for blankets is to keep warm on chilly nights out star-gazing.  (He has as many telescopes as I have sewing machines...and this one is his smallest by far.)  He's even been known to fall asleep in the yard on occasion while watching the stars. (You'll have to forgive us for the daytime shot...night-time pics just can't show off the quilt well.)  Even summer nights can get chilly.

And the Vintage Automobile Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics is the perfect print to include fort he car enthusiast.

Finished Size:

54" x 70" - A perfectly sized large throw for an adult or teen.

Here's what you'll need to make your own:
ALL SEAMS USE A 1/2 INCH SEAM ALLOWANCE.  (This is different from the 1/4 inch seam allowance used with quilting cottons.)

Cut your cuddle fabrics into 10" Width of Fabric Strips. 
  • 2 - WoF strips from Navy Ziggy
  • 2 - WoF strips from Snow Arrow
  • 2 - WoF strips from Heather Weave
  • 2 - WoF strips from Vintage Automobiles
  • 1 - WoF strips from Steel Arrow
Cut your strips into the required pieces.  You will want to use the ENTIRE width the Heather and Vintage automobiles including the selvages (Don't worry!  The selvages are indistinguishable from the fabric for these.)  

From these strips cut the following numbers of rectangles and squares:
  • 4 rectangles and 2 squares Navy Ziggy
  • 3 rectangles and 1 square from Snow Arrow
  • 5 rectangles and 1 square from Heather Weave
  • 5 rectangles and 1 square from Vintage Automobiles
  • 1 rectangle and 1 square from Steel Arrow

Now we get to sew!  If you haven't sewn with cuddle fabric before, my two biggest tips are that you want to use an even feed (walking) foot on your machine and pin A LOT!  You can see more official Shannon Cuddle tips for sewing with cuddle here.

Sew your squares and rectangles into 7 long strips according to this pattern using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  (The lighter grey here is the Steel Arrow Cuddle and the darker grey is the Heather Weave Cuddle.)

Sew your strips together to make the finished quilt pattern.  It is EXTREMELY important that you use a long of pins at this step.  Cuddle stretches across the fabric, so you'll want to pin every inch or two to keep it from sliding and stretching.  

Make your Quilt Sandwich by layering your top fabric, Nature-Fil™ Bamboo Blend Batting , and backing fabric.  There are lots of ways to do this, but my favorite is using 505 Basting Spray to hold the layers together without pinning.
Stated fabric amounts above are for using a whole piece of fabric for the backing...but I was so in love with the texture of the Heather Weave Cuddle that I went ahead and added an accent strip to the back of my quilt.

Stitch in the ditch around edges of stair-steps with machine quilting thread (or regular thread if you don't have quilting thread available.  This can be done on your own home machine.

Cut out 6 - 2" WoF strips from your binding fabric. Use these tips for machine sewing your sewing cuddle binding.  Use lots of pins and a walking foot!

And you'll be ready to enjoy!

Fairfield World products including batting are available on their website here or at most major chain sewing and craft stores. Shannon Fabrics cuddle fabrics can be found at your LQS local quilt shop and fabric stores, and online at, and You can also check out their Store Locator!

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