Friday, September 1, 2017

Basic Box Cushion Cover - For Chairs, Bean Bags, and Floor Pillows

Box cushions are easy to make and very versatile.  They can be used to recover chair and sofa cushions or made on their own can make great floor cushions, bean bags cushions, and pet beds.

One of the best things about designing projects for Fairfield World is that they send me free product that I can use to do projects like this to benefit individual classrooms at my kids school.  They sent me bean bag filler, poly-fil, and pillow inserts and compensated me to complete this project.  Dritz also sent me their brilliant Cut-to-Size Upholstery zippers.  All opinions, ideas, enthusiasm, and gratitude are 100% my own.

Depending on the level of support you need, you can fill box cushions covers with support cushion foam, bean bag filler, or poly-fil fiber fill.

And while these cushions found their home in a first grade classroom, these cushions also make for relaxing seating at home as well.

(Bean bag filler inside.)

Get the full tutorial, needed materials, and instructions to make your own Basic Box Cushion Covers on the Fairfield Site here.

(Poly-Fil Fiber Fill inside.)

(Poly-Fil Fiber Fill inside.)

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