Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rainbow Sarah Jane Magic Quilt

New Sarah Jane Magic quilt available in my Pieces by Polly Quilts Etsy Shop!  Unicorns, Dragons, and Mermaids galore.  I hope you'll love this one as much as I loved making it.  (Disclaimer: This post contains shop and affiliate links.)  

This quilt is finished and ready to ship and would make a perfect baby shower gift or Christmas gift for a special child, baby, or expecting mom in your life.  At 40" x 56" prewashed, this is my favorite size quilts to give to babies since it fits well over a crib mattress and will continue to fit the child well for years to come.  This is still the size my small 8-year-old loves best.

Sarah Jane is one of my absolutely favorite fabric designers and I especially love her Magic Collection.  I feel like it's "Harry Potter for Babies and Little Ones"...So much magic and imagination, but a bit more innocent than Harry Potter.  This is a variation on the pattern I designed for the Sarah Jane Magic blog tour.

I wanted this quilt to have a bit more of a Rainbow-y feel, so I used fabrics from both of the Sarah Jane Magic colorways as well as adding in some of Violet Craft Brambleberry Ridge fabrics since the doe and stags in the purple fabrics remind me so much of the patronuses that are so important in Harry Potter.

The backing is a aqua/teal color that coordinates with the unicorn grass.  (And that mermaid riding the sweet!)

And one of my favorite things about this quilt is the sweet sayings that pop up in a few places in gold.  "I love you to the Stars..."

"Make a Wish..."

And "Magic"

Nearly all of the fabrics on the front have metallic highlights for an extra bit of magic and sparkle.  And did I mention there are dragons too...dress-up and rideable?  (Dragon figurine from here.)

Plus, oh so many unicorns ALL OVER the quilt.  (Unicorn figurine from here.)

The inside of the quilt has 50/50 Cotton/Bamboo favorite batting because it's extra soft and gives the quilt and instant worn-in feel.  The quilt was washed after being completed so that the pictures show it's true character and for maximum softness to remove any starch/sizing from the fabric.  Binding is machine sewn for extra durability and the quilt was machine quilted by me.

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