Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Play Kitchens for Kids - Build Along

My sister Katie introduced me to "crafty blogs" as we call them. I mostly click through them while I'm nursing Sweet Pea. When I see something I like and want to make soon, I add it to my list. If I see something I like, but don't have plans for right away, I save it on my computer.

There were a couple projects that got me really excited, and one of them was making a play kitchen (and the other one was the puppet theater over on Infarrently Creative that I used for a model of mine...she just posted another link about cool is that of her).

So I saw this an awesome kitchen made out of an old entertainment center on one, done by Erin at Sutton Grace. I watched Craig's List and saw some great free options for this...but none of them would fit in our hoo.

Then I found Jane's blog on "Out of the Crayon Box" where she showed several smaller play kitchens she's made and then sold and donated the money to charity. Her kitchens have given me a lot to think about and good ideas. One big advantage to hers is that kids can play with them on three sides, instead of just the front...a plus with several kids in the house. So what does Jane do?!? She decided to have a build-along as she makes yet another awesome kitchen and give really detailed advice and directions. I won't quite be building along, since we're moving around the first of December, but I won't be far behind, because a kid-kitchen is what we have planned for Firecracker's birthday in January.

I've started acquiring things for making a kitchen. I'd originally planned to use a changing table cabinet thing, but then we got this from someone on FreeCycle. I got it thinking I'd just use the sink and other hardware and toss the "wood." The sink is bigger than I would like, but it's grown on me, so we're going to cut this down (shorten it so it doesn't have the top panel) to size and use this as our starting point.

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  1. I love the idea of a little kitchen. I have wanted to make one for so long...I am excited to see how yours turns out.

    Anne (


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