Thursday, November 5, 2009

Firecracker's Most recent drawing

Firecracker was sitiing next to me drawing this. I complemented her on how well she drew the eye lashes because they are so blue and so prominent. At that point, she announced, "I'm drawing, Alanna!" Alanna is Firecracker's birthmother. (Our oldest two kids are adopted in open adoptions.) It took me a second, but then I got it. Firecracker had seen a picture of Alanna and a friend dressed up for Halloween, and she was recreating it. She realized after she started coloring the face blue, that it should have been she wanted to start over. She ended up with this.

Not bad...not bad at all...this was the original picture. (Alanna is on the left.)

Boy is starting to get into drawing too. He no longer eats the crayons, and more of the crayon ends up on the paper. His prefered medium is markers, though...which always makes me a little nervous. He will bring scraps of paper to me with a little squiggle on them. So cute.


  1. I love the eyelashes, and I love how Alanna's smile is SOOO big - in the drawing. Good job, Firecracker!

  2. You have quite the budding artist over there!


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