Friday, November 6, 2009

Comment about Comments

My sister Katie has a writing blog where she writes something, usually a poem, more or less everyday. They're mostly simple and have some funny twist on life as a new mom, or student's wife, or I like them because I'm a new mom all over again, student's wife, etc.

I liked her "Ode to Comments"...

Ode to Comments
by Kathleen Lewis

Oh dear comments
How I love you
How you make my smile grow
When I see you in my e-mail
You give me a special glow
Comments, comments
There could never
Ever be enough of you
What a boost you give my ego
How my self esteem does boost
You make me feel happy inside
Sometimes I think,
"Famous? Me?"
Comments, comments
How I love you
How you fill my heart with glee

So if you like something on this blog (or someone elses) leave a comment. We love them. And then go leave a comment on Katie's blog to tell her you like her poem. And if you like her poem SO much that you want to copy it onto your blog and make her feel even MORE famous, just be suer to give her proper credit and link back to her original blog post please...and of course leave a comment telling her you did.

Happy Commenting :)


  1. Oh, yes, indeedy - I love comments, too!

  2. Cute! We all love comments it is replying back to them that can be overwhelming. HA! Where are you moving? Are you staying in CA?

  3. Comments are wonderful aren't they! And you deserve more of them! =) have a happy day...



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