Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 Minute Shirt Embellishment

Don't worry.  Our Felt-Food Cook-Along is still going strong, and there will be a new felt food tutorial on Monday.  I just thought I'd use Saturdays to show off some of the non-felt-food things I've been working on. 

Firecracker is growing out of her size 4 clothes, so I've been pulling out some of the size 5 hand-me-down we've been given. She is so excited to be wearing "5 Size" clothes. When I pulled out this pair of pants she was thrilled because of the cute embrodery and bows on the leg. 
Then I found this shirt in the box and figured they'd make a cute outfit.  Firecracker was NOT impressed with the shirt (especially since she was short on sleep.)  She was upset that it was "boring" because it was plain.  We insisted that she wear it anyway, and our day went on.  I figured I'd applique a little flower or something on it to match the pants when I had time. 
Then we noticed this bib of Sweet Pea's.  Sweat Pea has about a million bibs, so even though this one was in better shape than most, we figured she wouldn't miss it.  (So far so good.)  This one has a few more petals than the one on Firecracker's jeans, but I figured it was close enough...especially since this one came ready made.

So I cut apart the bib, saving the velcro for sometime when I might need velcro.  Then I ironed on some stabalizer...then realized it wouldn't work so well since I wanted to trim the bib AFTER I sewed it.  It turned out having the stablizer on the back helped, even though I hadn't ironed it to the shirt yet.  I just pinned the piece on.  Carefully sewed over the stitching on the bib that went around the flower.  (So that you don't need to do extra stitching to secure the ends, make sure to leave long threads at both the beginning and the end.)

Use a needle to take both threads from the front, through to the back.  Tie several secure knots with all four pieces of thread.


Ironed to help the flower really stay on...and DONE!  I think the whole thing took me 10 minutes...maybe 15...tops.  Firecracker was a happy girl.



  1. Ha ha - Firecracker transformed! Great photos. I love the trick about pulling all the threads through and tying them off in the back.

  2. This looks amazing! Great job!
    Oh and I also wanted to let you know I have an award for you on my blog. :)

  3. Appliques are awesome, aren't they? I'm planning to stitch a bunch up for my daughter's spring clothes. (If winter ever ends, that is!)

  4. Cute! I love doing this when shirts get stained. Perfect way to get more life out of them!

  5. Very cute! What a creative idea. Thanks for sharing!


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