Friday, January 8, 2010

Pizza Crust turns into Bookends!

Really?!?  Seriously??!  Genius! You actually did that?!?  But with all the repurposing, reinventing, and recycling that goes on in this house, this an actual suggestion that Firecracker had the other day. 

You might not be able to turn pizza crust into bookends, but you CAN turn Pizza Crust into a Tortilla that will hold it's shape if you're talking about felt food.  We're going to do it here on Monday, and I will show you how.  I think we'll also be having a give-away sometime during this cook-along, but I haven't decided on the details.  Keep checking back!

So get ready to join our Felt Food Cook Along next week.

And while you're waiting for the fun to start, run out and get some felt.  (Either in the craft sheets or go really crazy and buy it by the yard like I did.  Then go down to your local thrift store, and grab some accessories.  Here's what I scored at Goodwill this week.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find such perfect miniature stuff for Firecracker and Boy's kitchen...a strainer, mini-pie plate, produce basket, mixing bowl, cookie sheat, and serving platter.  We already had a few things in addition to this like a mini-muffin tin someone gave us a while back.

We're ready to start cooking!  How about you?

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  1. Ha ha! Your title got me. I once wrote a story where a fruitcake turned into a door stop that fooled a geologist. The main character's name was even Polly!


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