Monday, January 11, 2010

The Amazing Changing Pizza Crust (Tortilla) - Felt Food Cook-Along Begins

Are you excited?!?!  It's the first day of our cook-along.

I thought about starting with something super the pepperoni...but I thought we'd take a build up approach and start with the pizza crust.  The pizza crust is just slightly more involved than a lot of what we'll be making, but don't let yourself get intimidated.  You can do this!

My pizza crust was inspired by the crust on this link that has lots of felt food options to look at.   She gave basic instructions for a lot of things, but not the pizza crust, so I had to wing it.  I think I figured out a pretty good version, though.  There are some easier ways to make crust, but I REALLY liked that this one can double for a tortilla that holds it's shape. We eat a TON of tacos around here, so a good tortilla is a must.

(Sorry some of these pics are blurry.  My awesome mom has loaned me a better camera to use, but these were taken before it arrived, so you'll notice the pictures get better as our cook-along continues.

Materials: Felt, a plate to trace, batting or fleece for the inside, some medium thickness wire, wire cutters, sewing maching (although you could do this by hand), needle and thread, straight pins.

Okay, let's get started...
  1. Cut two circles out.  I made my by cutting around the sides of a salad size plate.  (At least I think that's what it's's slighlty smaller than our regular size.)  Pin together and sew with about 3/8 inch seam allowance.  Leave an opening to turn it right side out and just big enough that your hand cans squeeze through.  Before you turn it, you'll want to trim the seam allowance a bit and/or cut some notches in the seam allowance.
  2. Once you've got it turned right side out, cut a piece of batting or fleece just a little smaller than the finished size of your crust. 
  3. Place this inside your crust and smooth it flat.
  4. Next use get our your wire.  (I wire I used was just some out of Hubby's tool box, so I can't tell you what gauge it is since the label was gone.)  Make a circle of wire just a tiny bit smaller than the outside rim of your pizza crust.  For the first crust I made, I just made one circle.  I liked the results of my second one better, though, where I doubled up the wire.  Cut the wire long enough that you have some extra to overlap and wrap around each other.  Put the wire inside your pizza crust, so that it goes along the very edge.   NOTE:  The wire is there, so this can double as a tortilla and hold it's shape when you bend it to be a taco or burrito.  If all you want is pizza crust, the wire is not necessary.
  5. Pin in place.  Sew around the inside of your pizza about 6/8 inches from the edge of the pizza, making sure the wire is inside your new seam.  It could damage your machine if you sew on the wire, so make sure the wire is all the way to the edge as you're sewing.
  6. Hand stitch your opening closed with a needle and thread.

Tomorrow we'll be working on the pizza sauce!

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  1. This turned out really Polly! That wire is genius!

  2. I got a little confused at the wire part, but that's probably because I just got home from my night class and I'm sleepy. Glad to be your awesome mom!

  3. I love it!! :)

    I made cookies to Xmas gift, can I linked? well, I have to post first hehehe

    I'm going to follow this amazing foods, thanks and hugs from Spain (and sorry for my bad english)


  4. Oh I just love this! And it's fat-free ;)

  5. Look: can I add in that post your button? or I have to make a pizza? :)

  6. I LOVE this! I can't wait to try it too! I really like your idea of using a wire to get it to hold it's shape to form a tortilla too! How creative!!

  7. Oh my goodness, that is adorable. ALMOST makes me wish my kids were young enough to play with food! :)

  8. lovely food Felt is really cool. love and make some too ...



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