Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Felt Pizza Sauce: Felt Food-Cook Along Day 2

I've seen several pasta sauce-type felt food things around.  I liked this pizza sauce from the same site that inspired my pizza crust because it has a bit more texture than just cutting out a single blob of red felt.  It also gave me a chance to try using my freemotion foot for my machine for the first time on a project that I could toss out if I messed it up.  I bought my freemotion foot about 4 years ago to try my hand at machine quilting, but never got up the guts to even put it on my machine...until now!  If you don't have a free motion foot, you could still do this pretty easily, you'd just need to stop and turn your fabric a bit more.

Supplies:  Red felt, pins, sewing machine, thread free motion foot (optional)
  1. Cut out blobby shapes from red felt.  Arrange the blobs on your pizza crust to make the shape you want and so you have some crust showing.
  2. Pin the red blobs together really well, so you can transfer them as one piece to the sewing maching.
  3. Use your freemotion or regular foot to sew all over the place (twists, turns, lines, whatever) until your blobs are well secured.
  4. You're done...a lot faster than yesterday, huh?
For an even easier variation, you can just cut out a single large blog of red felt and call it good.

Come back tomorrow for how to make quick and easy sliced onions!

If this is your first time joining our Cook-Along, see the other felt food I've made:


  1. Very cute! I have been meaning to make one!

  2. Thanks so much for the visit and the friendly comment Polly :)

    I'm glad you like my cookies, they are my first felt food! My litle ones are so happy and me too, I would like to try your felt food too but I use my hands no the machine :P

    Hugs, see you here :)

  3. This would be good to use as sauce for the pastas too!

  4. Yes, great idea! I agree. These would make great pasta sauce.

  5. Have been wanting to make a pizza for ages -just the inspiration I needed. Like the added texture to the sauce.TFS

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    But I dont' understand when you say "I would love it if you link some (as many as you want to) up to our "felt food share."...
    I can't taduce it well for understand... I'm sorry...


  7. Sorry...Maybe I had understand now... you want that I published on my blog your code-banner about "Felt Food cook-along!" ?


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