Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Share your felt food...

So I thought we should have an easy way for everyone to show off your felt food you're making...either using the ideas I'm sharing or even better other felt food you've made that can inspire all of us.  So I made us a MckLinky.  Just put your link in and be sure to put the cook-along button on your blog, so people know to come check things out.  If you have other ideas for play food or something along those lines made from something other than felt, post those too!  I'll repost the MckLinky once a week or so, so new visitors to the Cook-Along can find it easily, but it will be the same linky each time, so you don't need to relink.

Also in case anyone is wondering...I've been using the Eco-Felt by the yard.  I bought mine on sale at Jo-Anns.  (But I always make sure it's on sale or I have a coupon.)  I just like having a large amount to work with and it's a bit cheaper that way.  A lot of people like to use the felt sheets and that's cheaper if you aren't going to use very much.  If you want to order it online a great place is Felt-O-Rama.  She has eco-felt or real wool felt (which I hear is the best ever...but I'm always on a tight budget.)  She also has a lot of links to felt food ideas.

And just because I don't like to have a post without a picture of some sort...here's a little teaser for you.  I made some blueberry muffins last night, so we can add these to the food we'll be doing for our cook-along in a week or so after we're done with our pizza and fajitas.  This one is mostly hand sewn for all you hand sew-ers out there.

Don't forget to check out the other felt food I've made:


  1. I put your button on my sidebar so everyone can see it when they come to my blog!

    Thank for posting a place where we can share our felt food creations!

  2. Thanks Polly, is a great idea!!
    I love your muffin and I'm gonna try :)


    meni ^-^

  3. I have been obsessed with felt food lately! I just entered my link :)

  4. Added a link to my pattern and instructions for cantaloupe slices that can be 'peeled.' I love making felt food too!

  5. These are all just fabulous! My wee ones LOVES to play with felt food! Looks like I've got some projects to do :)

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!


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