Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What are pancakes without plenty of butter and syrup? - Felt-Food Cook-Along Day 12

Okay, this is one of those posts where it almost doesn't deserve it's own.  You all could figure out the butter and syrup yourself...but here they are anyway.  (At least I didn't give them each their own post, eh?)
For the butter, my original thought was to sew a square and turn it inside out, so the ends would be smooth.  The square was small enough, though, that I had to leave an entire side open, and it just wasn't going to work out so sew the fourth side and have it look right and still be square too.  Then I though, "It's butter...it's not worth this much  work."  So then I cut some squares, sewed around them, and called it good.

Now in general for felt food, I prefer that it's at least double layered, if it's not stuffed.  I think it makes them more durable...and distinguishable as something other than my fabric scraps that find themselves all over the house sometimes.  I made an exception for the syrup though.  Since syrup is thin and watery in the first place, I figured it should be as thin and formless as possible, so the syrup is just brown blobs of felt cut out.
Come back tomorrow for a more exciting post.  Our breakfast still needs some protein, so I've got some scrambled eggs cooked up for tomorrow!


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