Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine and Dinosaur Pancakes - So easy!

Since it's Saturday, I thought I'd take a break from felt food and blog about something real food.  I saw this idea for using a condiment bottle to deliver the pancake batter several months ago.  (I have no idea what blog it came from, so if anyone know let me know so I can give proper credit.) 

I made a felt dinosaur pancake a few weeks ago, and that got me thinking I needed to try this to make better real ones. Our kids love it when we make funny shaped shapes like dinosaurs, hearts, letters, anything other than a circle. Our technique has improved over the years, but it's still tricky.

The bottle for this cost a dollar.  For a buck, this works SO well and the kids LOVE IT!

You can make anything from a dinosaur...
To a Valentine...
Or we're even into Ramona at our house these days, so we tried a "Ramona Q."
All you have to do to make these is fill a condiment bottle up with pancake batter and have fun!

I do have a few tips though:

  • When you make the batter have it as lump free as possible for more even delivery.

  • For writing, you might want to make them backward because when you flip them over the direction changes.  So our stunning rendition of the "Ramona Q" above was actually backward when I flipped it over.  (Of course you can flip it over again when you put it on the plate, so that's easy to fix.)

  • To make something like the heart with writing, I wrote the letters, backward and let them cook a while.  When they were getting pretty brown, I did the heart over the top of them.  Then once that was set, I flipped teh pancake over and cooked the other side. 



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