Thursday, April 15, 2010

Matching Up Mis-Matches: Guest Blogging at Dollar Store Crafts

When I heard about Stash Bust at Dollar Store Crafts a couple weeks ago, I knew it was for me, since so much of this blog is stashbusting and reusing old things...especially clothes lately.  Check out my tutorial over there on turning mis-matched hand-me-downs and thrift store finds into coordinating outfits.  You'll also find the tutorial and printable pattern for this cute shirt applique.

And if you'd rather win this applique than make it yourself...I have an extra one I'm giving away to one lucky reader! 
Note: In an effort for full disclosure...the one I'm giving away is not perfect.  There are a couple tiny puckers in it.  I tried leaving the Heat'n Bond off one of the layers all together to keep it from being too stiff...and the verdict is that it doesn't work quite as well.  I totally would have been willing to have my own kid wear the imperfect one...but since I was doing the tutorial as a guest post, I wanted to put my best food forward. 

Anyway, if you're interested in this imperfect beauty that you will need to sew (by hand or by machine will work) onto a shirt of your own, leave a comment.  If you want an extra entry, become a follower and leave a second comment (or leave a second comment telling me you're already a follower.)

...and I may not be posting for a couple days.  I'm now scoring a zillion (okay just hundreds) of essays written by Virginia 8th graders, and I'm taking a test on Saturday to certify me to teach math in the state of Washington.  Even though I taught math, it's been over 10 years since I actually used my calculus, and I need to study!  (I'm not really planning on going back to full time teaching any time soon...but it's always smart to be certified in the state you live in...just in case.)  Never fear, though, I've got some awesome projects to share once things calm down next week, so check back.

In good news on the teaching front though...Hubby has a job interview next Friday (as in a week from Friday)!!!!  YEAH!!!  Of all the openings we've seen, this is the one we want the most.  Say an extra prayer and keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. this would cover up the stains on my daughter's shirt nicely

  2. and I'm a follower!

  3. I'm from WA state as well (north Puget Sound), so hello from a fellow Washingtonian. I've been using appliques as well to cover up stains on thrifted/hand-me-down baby clothes or to make them more up-to-date. It's a genius idea!

  4. Well, I would love the applique! And you taking about it not being perfect makes me feel really ... well ... you should see my first applique
    I am really happy with the heart but the "K" ... oh well ... it makes me want to write "first applique ever" all over it so people will no and think "Oh well, it was her first time ..."

  5. I am following you ... still ... :-)

  6. Cute little heart ... not imperfect but uniquely handmade. :)

  7. I love applique! I will start following:) I'm a teacher, too! Pre-K, woo hoo! I've aleady received some ideas from you for felt activities. Thanks!


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