Saturday, April 17, 2010

A weird kind of fun...

I took my WEST-E Math test today.  This is the test that I have to pass to be certified to teach high school math in the state of Washington.  I don't plan on returning to teaching any time soon, but I'm taking the tests now.  If I decide to return to teaching down the road, it will only be harder to remember the info to pass the test.  Hubby was taking the chemistry and physics versions of the same test because he is hoping to begin teaching soon. 

Anyway...I think I did pretty least well enough to pass.

And now you're going to think I'm really was actually kind of fun to take the test.  I don't get nervous taking test, so I don't have a lot of anxiety to worry about. I wasn't quite as prepared as I probably should have been.  (I did well in calculus...11 years ago...but I haven't used it much since and I only reviewed a little.)  There were quite a few problems that I came to, and I wasn't sure exactly how to do them.  now this is where the fun comes in...  It's kind of fun taking a problem I don't know how to do and sitting down, and figuring it out.  At least I think I figured most of them out.  It's good mental exercise and reminds me of why I majored in chemistry and math in the first place. 

I suppose it's something like the mental exercise I get when I sit down with an old pair of pants and figure out how to turn them into cute skirts for my girls, while wasting as little fabric as possible, so I still have denim left for other projects.  (Here's something else so you'll think I'm weird...Hubby and I actually used the Law of Cosines once while figuring out angles for a quilt.  That's good metal exercise too.)

So I enjoyed my test.  I'll find out in two weeks if I passed.  If I didn't pass, I'll have to go back and review my calculus more...which wouldn't be so bad because I like doing math.  The biggest problem would be that would reduce my craft time...and as much as I enjoyed taking the test, I don't want to pay another $120 for the privilege of retaking it.

Now that you think I'm thoroughly weird...I hope you'll come back for more crafty posts next week.  I've got some fun ones planned.


  1. Good for you, Polly. You are one smart cookie!

  2. :-) I think the test sounds like fun, although I do get nervous for tests, and my math major is always coming in useful in pattern designing! Sure, usually I could get to the same place by measuring curves with a string, but it's always more satisfying to work it out.

  3. It's so nice to meet another mathematician! I LOVE math!! Favorite subject. I taught math for 2 years before being sahm, and loved it. Good Luck!! I'm sure you did great! I also think you might be on to something!! Math--figuring out sewing projects!! I never thought of that. Now hopefully I won't feel so bad for escaping to the machine!!


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