Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Making a Heart with Alphabet Stamps

I was stamping a bunch of washers to fill orders for my new Helping Little Hands Shop as well as to make the washers for the winners in my key chain giveaway
You all are pretty creative.  Some of your requests have asked for things I hadn't thought hearts.   Amy, one of my winners, asked for "<3 always love <3". I didn't think this was really possible since there is no heart stamp, no < stamp and the 3 isn't really quite right for it anyway. I figured I'd tinker around and see if I could come up with something decent.
And this is what I got...two U's at a right angle with each other.
I think it works pretty well.

I was also asked to stamp both sides of the same washer.  It works (although it won't be quite as smooth.)

If anyone else wants to order any stamped washers or keychains, please order soon!  I start scoring SAT in a day or so and will have to take a break from selling washers for a while.  (As much as I love stamping the washers for you all...scoring SAT essays is just better money.)  If anyone out there who just ordered a stamp set wants to try selling washers, I'd love to put your link in my washer posts and refer buyers your way during times when I'm too busy to take orders.

For instructions on how to stamp the washers, see my post here.  You can order the stamping set from Harbor Freight online for $5 (plus $7 shipping).

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  1. That's ingenious of you to make the heart with U's!! Those look great!

  2. Newest follower. Such great and crafty ideas! Thanks!

  3. I am super impressed. Not only that you figured out how to make those hearts, but also that you have such a successful little business here!

  4. Ooh great idea! That's so creative. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  5. I just wanted to first of all thank-you for sharing all of your crafty knowledge. Your blog is so great! I happened upon it while blog hopping and I love all of your ideas and projects your tutorials are so easy to follow! Thanks!!!

  6. I was totally motivated by your tutorial and have begun stamping washers! I love it! I just listed some in my etsy shop and would love to have you include my link in your posts for others who would like to purchase already stamped washers! My shop link is:

    Thank you so much for a great tutorial and also for offering to market those of us who would like to begin selling washers! Heidi

  7. Could you tell me where to get those alphabet stamps?

  8. Very Clever! I love the hearts!

  9. Great solution! It looks great and so easy!

  10. I purchased the stamp set from Harbour Freight while I was visiting my daughter in Austin this past weekend. Can you tell me what size washers you use? Thanks, Mary,

  11. Love this idea- I gave you a blogger award:


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