Monday, June 7, 2010

Missing Zipper Handle Fix - Hand-Me Down Rehab

If you're looking for the winners of the stamped washer keychain giveaway, click here or scroll down.

Anybody have a zipper that looks like this?  This is a hand-me-down jacket in great condition...but the zipper is nearly impossible to pull up without the handle.  For a while, I had a safety pin on it, but it was still at an awkward angle and hard to pull.
Then I bought my stamping set to make washer necklaces....and now Boy's jacket looks like this...
I know.  I know.  Just in time for summer...but the jacket is big enough he'll still probably be able to wear it for next winter...and Boy LOVES that it has his name on it.

All it takes...a washer, a lanyard clip, and an extra little ring thing.  Go here for instructions for how to do the stamping.

Or if you want to order the washers already stamped, you can get them from my shop here.

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