Monday, June 7, 2010

Washer Give-Away Winners

What a great weekend!  My sister Maleena was absolutely gorgeous at her wedding.  There was beautiful weather, and her reception was so much fun!!  I was away from the computer the whole weekend, and it was great.  Hopefully I'll have a crafty post for you later today, but I have REALLY got to clean the house before I do anything else.  I had the house looking great Thursday evening, but of course by the time we left Friday it was already a disaster again. :(

I did want to announce the give-away winners though!!
Wow!  I was really blown away with the response to my Stamped Washer Keychains!  Thanks everyone for your kind comments!  There were so many people who entered, I decided to choose two winners.
First winner is j&jwebbfamily who said:
"Awesome, I became a Follower!! Thanks"
And the second winner is aimymichelle who said...

"oh how awesome!"

If you didn't win and want to make your own, check out my tutorial here.  Or you can let me do the work for you and order your custom keychain or stamped washers from my shop here.

...and now I'm off to clean my house.


  1. Fun, fun. I love my necklace and the backpack zipper pulls. Thanks, Polly!

  2. How exciting!! I won!! This is going to be a perfect gift. Thanks
    Jamie my e-mail is


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