Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stamped Washer Earrings

Wow!  I had no idea my stamped washer keychains would be so popular.  I opened the Helping Little Hands Shop on Big Cartel on a whim, and was so busy stamping washers for all of you yesterday, that I didn't get any blogging done.  Also, so busy that I'm going to be taking a bit of a blogging and washer stamping break for the next few days so I can get ready for my little sister's wedding this weekend.  If you want to order any custom stamped washers or keychains you can go ahead and place your orders, but I probably won't get them processed until Monday (June 7th) or Tuesday. 

Before logging off to work on my sister's wedding gift, I wanted to show you my washer earrings.  I'd planned on writing up a full tutorial...but I've they're pretty easy and I think an outline will do.
When I was buying stoff for the washer necklaces I made for Mothers' Day (which I promise are coming in their own post soon), I had no idea what supplies I really needed.  I'd never made jewelry before, so I ended up buying quite a few things that came in combo packs hoping I'd be able to finish the project without extra runs to the store.  (We don't have a lot of close crafty suppliers here.) I ended up with some stuff to make earrings because they came in a pack with other stuff.  I almost didn't make the earrings because I thought it might be a little too weird.  Then I figured...what the heck...if they're weird no one has to see them.

Anyway, here's what I started with.  (Sorry, I don't know the names of these things, but you can see from the picture...and sorry for the bad flash photography.)
I made the pearl part by putting it on the loopy stick, bending the stick back through the hole.
Then twisting it around, and cutting it with wire cutters.
Then put the ring on the washer.
Put the pearl thing you've made on the ring.
Add the earring thing on the ring...make sure they're pointing different directions for the two earrings.
I'd love to know what you think of them?  Cute?  Edgey? Love them? Hate them? Interesting, but you'd never wear them?

And as long as I'm on the subject of stamped washers...
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  1. I'd wear them with a black bead in the middle. I never have good earrings to go with my black sweaters, and the metal would be a good contrast.

  2. Look at you all crafty with these washers! Keep the ideas flowing...I love it!

    link up at my party

  3. I love it! Thanks for tut, I might try this!!!

  4. I was making the key chains for fathers day and some graduation presents. This morning I actually smashed my thumb... and I am pretty sure its broken! I am going to try this when I get the nerve up to play with the hammer again! :D

  5. I would totally wear these! I love the stamped washers, but I don't wear necklaces that much and I've been wishing someone would figure out how to do earrings... You've filled a void in my life, so thank you. :)

  6. Great photos and great job on the earrings!!....I am wondering what size washers you used for these earrings? and what size rings?
    Thanks, Shelley


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