Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Hat Embellishment: Firecracker's First Tutorial

Firecracker decided Boy's summer hat (his summer hat for the last two summers) needed some embellishment.  This hat was especially fun today because it resurfaced after I was sorting through the kids clothes.  Firecracker worked really hard on it and spent about half an hour of focused time (a lot for her) at the craft table.  She did all of this from thinking of the idea, to getting the supplies, to executing her plan all on her own. 
She wanted me to take pictures to post a tutorial for all of you.

First, you draw some faces, preferably on black cardstock with #2 pencil.
Then cut them out carefully.  Firecracker did some of the best cutting I've ever seen her do on this project.
Add them to the hat.
No tape or adhesive necessary.  Part of the fun of it is that when you run fast they fall out and you get to put them back on the hat.

I'm sure Firecracker would love comments from any of you.


  1. Man, using a #2 pencil on black card stock is my favorite. And what a stroke of genius to keep the embellishments loose so they fly off when you run! Excellent job. Obviously the work of a professional artist. Love you kiddo!

    -Auntie Katie :)

  2. When does Firecracker get her own crafty blog? =)That was just precious!

  3. That tutorial is amazing! I think my kids and I will have to get out some hats, and use this tutorial to make these hats! What a wonderful idea to let them fly out as you run! We love it!

  4. That looks like a ton of fun. Do you have any more hats you are going to jazz up?

  5. I see a future fashion designer there!

  6. I could use a smiley face or two on my hiking hat. Nice work, Miss Firecracker! Looks like you and your brother had fun.

  7. That was a brilliant design I think your Mom had best watch out. I like the idea of smiley faces flying around when the wearer runs good one


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