Friday, July 23, 2010

I Challenge You to a Duel!! (Felt Shield & Sword Tutorial)

"En Garde!!"
"I will meet your challenge!"

"Victory!" for Firecracker Snow White.
Fortunately, since they're felt swords death for Boy Our Fearless Warrior doesn't last long and soon he has the upper hand over his sister Snow White.
If your kids are driving you crazy because they're bored, this is a fun project to help them get some of their extra energy out.  I made these several months ago, but never quite got around to posting about it. 

Back when I first started looking through crafty blogs, I came across these felt shield and felt sword tutorials on Some of a Kind.  They hung out in my "Project I Want to Do" list for ages.  I loved this idea because so many of the dress-up things seem to be for girls...and every kid wants to play sword fight now and then.  This way they have something relatively safe to do it with (rather than stick or other hard, pointy object.)  I added the CTR logo on the shields as a reminder for my kids to "Choose The Right." 

You can refer to the links above for a full tutorial, but I'll give you a quick rundown.  I embellished the fronts of the shields first.  I sewed them, but you could easily put them on with hot glue. 
Next I added the arm bands on the back, through the filler material.  (My filler was some filter stuff was given to me by a friend, and I don't think you can buy it, but you could layer more felt or use some batting.) 
Then I layered the front and back pieces with some thick filter material in the middle.  Then I zig zagged stitched the sides together.
For the sword, I used two layers of the filler and sewed them together like this.  Then I layered the outside layers on and zigzagged along the sides.  I think it would have worked even better, if I'd put the hilt on before layering the sword because those seams seem to be the main bend piont.
And Sweet Pea is hoping the shield may help her defend herself against her brother.  I don't know that they've worked well for that...but they're fun.


  1. these are super cute Polly! I'm sure your kids love playing with them.

  2. This is too cute! (Can you image brining this to church, and letting the kids go for it during class know acting out church history..hehehe)

  3. It's always great to have a mom-approved way to whack a sibling. :)

  4. so freaking cute!!! my girls would love this! how do you not have any followers! people are crazy!!!! we would love to be the first! keep up the adorable projects!


  5. jk my page finally updated! we would love to be 351! (seriously what is wrong with blogger!) adore your blog!

    ~selina (again ;))

  6. So cute! My boys would love that. And I would love that they couldn't actually hurt each other!

  7. These are just adorable! My little one LOVES swords and would love this. I'll be featuring this on Friday-Hope you don't mind.

  8. Those are sooooo fun!!! My kids would love this!

  9. These are the best! I will definitely be making some. I'll have to show my mum too, she's a Primary Pres and these would be awesome for sharing time and things as well!

    Thanks for sharing.

    btw your kids are cute!

    Aspiring Millionaire

  10. I love that the shields are CTR! Will have to remember these as Christmas gifts for my little sunbeams! Thanks for sharing- here from your more recent post linked at Sugar Bee Crafts :) Have a great rest of the week!


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