Thursday, July 22, 2010


I started packing the first boxes a week or so ago.  Yes, we're moving again.  Hubby's new teaching job is far enough away that a commute would be too far (1 1/2 hours).  We've made some great friends here, but know we'll make good friends when we move too.
Of course packing up the whole house and the chaos that comes with it is not fun, but we're excited to be moving on to this next (and hopefully more settled) phase of our lives.

 I am looking forward to:
  • Hubby having a job he'll love and be great at.
  • Firecracker starting kindergarten
  • Living in a three-bedroom house (as opposed to our current 2 bedroom)
  • Having a garage
  • Living on a regular, predictable income.
  • Looking for a house to actually buy and live in forever...or a long time anyway. 
I went to organize and pack away some of my craft stuff, and it kind of backfired.  I kept finding things that I've had the stuff for that would be "so quick to just take care of," so I've been finishing off a lot of projects.  I've done some mending, fixed and made some new "I Spy" bags, made some pants to go with Firecrackers' Hawaii dress, made some shirts for the tractor post.  I've actually been quite productive, and I'm hoping to get around to posting about all those projects soon.

I will have to really pack away my craft stuff pretty soon, though, and the blogging will probably be a little slow for a I'm announcing...
 Archive Appreciation Month.
It's a chance for us to remember and appreciate some of those great ideas we posted about a long time ago and no one ever sees (especially if they were posted when you first started blogging and didn't have many readers).

You want to participate?

I'll be linking back to some of my own older projects, but I'd love to highlight all of you.  If you have something on your blog you'd like highlighted, whether it's new or way back in those archives, let me know.  All you'd need to do is write up a quick paragraph introducing yourself, your blog, why you love the post I'll be highlighting, and a picture or two.  If you have a shop, it's okay to include a quick link to that as well.  The best would be if you could write the paragraph up in blogger and then send me the html code.  Of course you can also participate by just doing your own archive appreciation post on your own blog.


  1. I definitely want to participate, but mostly I'm just excited to see what everyone else posts. Whoop whoop! Also, good luck with packing. Ah, so exciting to move on, but no fun to pack your life away into cardboard.

  2. I'll send a couple of links. Good luck with the packing - I am with you in spirit! Not much help, I know...

  3. I just wrote up a post ... will go over it again tomorrow morning and send it to you.
    Wish you all the best with the packing. I used to like moving when I was younger ... but now with two kids and a dog and a husband ... well, there is just ALOT of stuff! So I am feeling with you!


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