Friday, October 29, 2010

MAXed Out...

...the card.  The LIBRARY card that is.  Our super nice librarian in our little branch of the library said she didn't even know there was a check out limit.  Until me.  I guess she's never known of anyone who wanted to check out more than 100 books.

I have to admit.  I was a little embarrassed...and maybe a little proud of myself.  I mean this librarian recognized me on sight after only a couple visits as the lady who comes in with the little kids and has a huge stack of books on hold to pick up every Monday or Tuesday.  She usually has my holds out on the counter for me when I walk up to the counter because she knows I'm coming.  We had to go home and collect up some library books that we were willing to part with and return them the next day, so I could check out the books that were waiting for me on hold...and I needed to check those out because my hold list was already maxed out, and I needed the space on my hold list to be able to request other books.  You see, holds from other libraries only come in once a week to our little branch, so it can take a while to work themselves through the system.

I hope my library card is the ONLY card I ever have occassion to max out. :)


  1. lol! You're worse than me! The library in myhometown, the limit was 50 books, and the most I ever checked out was 10-15 at a time... and return most of them within 2-3 days (and these were books only for me!)

    I got a few weird looks occasionally.

  2. embarrassed for maxing out at the library? you should be proud.


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