Saturday, October 30, 2010


Happy Halloween Everyone!


This was us tonight at the "Trunk-or-Treat" at church.  I have an incredible family...not only in costume, but in personalily and individuals as well.  My Mr. Incredible is the best husband I could ask for, and all three of my kids are amazing.  I am very blessed.

And this was us last night when we decided to wear our costumes to the last home football game of the season.


You knew our costumes had to be made out of recycled/upcycled T-shirts, right?  I got the red T-shirts at the dollar store and Goodwill and appliqued The Incredibles logo onto them with old T-shirt scraps from other projects.  I just searched for the logo online and traced it off my computer screen and onto some Heat'n Bond Lite (backward).  Firecracker wore some red clothes she already had underneath for warmth and to complete her outfit.  Little Brother wore last year's Clifford costume...and I realized when I downloaded the pictures, we didn't do a very good job hiding those paws.  Sweet Pea got special leggings made for the occassion...for an old T-shirt using my 25-minute Pants/Short/Leggings Tutorial.  All three kids got Super Hero Undies (which are really just super short shorts) made from that same tutorial.  We'd meant to wear black face paint masks, but couldn't find the face paint at the last minute...probably a good thing anyway.  All together, it probably cost about $10 to make the 5 matching outfits and maybe 3 or 4 hours of sewing/design time.  This might be the last year we do matching costumes, though, because I have a feeling the younger kids will have more of an opinion about what they want to be next year. 

Little Brother loved being Dash, though, and showing people how fast he could run.  And Sweet Pea loved that we all had matching shirts.  She went around the house handing out shirts when it was time to get dressed.

In the end they were more interested in their candy, though, than in their costumes.

And of course when we got home, all they wanted was candy, but what they really needed were their beds.  (This is Sweet Pea upset that we put her candy up out of her reach...cute in a sad sort of way.)
Hopefully I'll get better pictures of their actual costumes later, but I wanted to post these.

And I suppose in true Super Hero fashion, our family will be going into hiding tomorrow night (or tonight if you're reading this ON Halloween).  That's right into hiding.  We choose not to take our kids trick-or-treating or hand out candy on the years that Halloween falls on a Sunday.  We've also heard that our neighborhood gets a crazy huge turn-out in trick-or-treaters, so some friends who live a couple miles out of town are letting us hide out at their house until it's all over...or until the kids start melting down, whichever comes first.

Whatever your plans for the day may be...trick-or-treating, handing out candy, spending time with family or friends, or having a quiet evening hanging out in your super hero lair, my Incredible Family hopes you have a Happy Halloween and a Blessed Sunday!

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  1. Incredible costumes for your wonderful and amazing family. Happy Halloween!


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