Monday, November 22, 2010

Surprise Snowstorm?!? the living room.

Little Brother's birthmom Liz came to visit last week for several days.  We all had a great time with her, but Little Brother especially enjoyed the visit.  After all, what's not to love about an extra grown-up in the house whose willing to spend all her time playing with you?!? 

Liz thought up all sorts of fun new building snowmen in the house.  Okay, I think Little Brother initially started it by making snow angels in the carpet...

...But Liz kept his imagination going.  They kept adding more cold weather gear as they went along.  You start by rolling the snowball.

And once you've got it built, you have to add raisens for eyes.

And practice throwing a few snowballs.

And what better way to warm up from the cold than to drink some real hot chocolate?!? 

...and cornbread.

And what would you know...the next morning turned out to be the frostiest morning to date.  We had thick fog that had left a beautiful thick coat of frost over everything.  When they walked Firecracker to school, Little Brother was fascinated by the frosty leaves.

He told Liz he wanted to save this leaf forever.  She suggested it wouldn't last, so they took a picture.

Liz and Little Brother had already been reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats together, and him saying that made us think of Peter trying to save his snowball. 

And if you're looking for another good winter book for your kindergartener, the science teacher in me loves, I am Snow by Jean Marzollo  It's part of a series of science books written at about a first grade reading and understanding level.  They do a great job of explaining the science accurately, but simply enough for beginning readers and sneak a few new vocabulary words in.  A couple days ago, when we had our first snow (that only stuck for an hour or so) Firecracker was about if the snow was wet or dry.  Then she had to call Grandma to see if it was snowing and find out if theirs was wet or dry...because in the book they talk about that wet snow is good for snowment and snowballs and dry snow is easier to shovel.  She also wanted to go out and see if the snowflakes had 6 points like it said in the book...but we'll have to wait for that experiment until we get a colder snow. 


  1. This is such a sweet post. Even though it's not cold in Georgia, it warmed my heart!

  2. If we do get snow here in Portland tonight, it will definitely be WET snow. You can reassure Miss Firecracker about that. :)


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