Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Ideas

I thought I'd link to some of the things we did for Thanksgiving last year since I was new to blogging then and a lot of my current readers probably missed them.  Sorry the pics aren't the best...these were taken with our old camera before it died.

Turkey Rolls!  Our rolls have always been pretty delicious thanks to my good friend Patti's recipe.  You can find the recipe and directions by following the link.

Here's an idea for making Turkey cards by stamping your child's hand.  You've probably seen them all over the internet lately.  (The best examples were mailed out and this was the one left to take a picture of...sorry. )

The Ugly Pumpkin Book and Activity.  We're planning to read this again this year with a different activity...but in case I don't get around to posting it, here's a fun took to read and super easy felt activity to go with it.

And of course you'll want to check out the Leaf-Turkey Shirts I posted about yesterday.


  1. Mmmm... Patti's rolls sound SO good right now.

    ...Well, let's face it--Patti's rolls sound good just about any time.

  2. Patti's rolls are wonderful even when they're not shaped like a turkey. :)


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