Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pinkalicious Cupcake Party

Firecracker made it to 100 on her reading chart!  Actually she got to 100 on it quite a while ago, but it took us a while to follow through on her promised party.  First it had to be postponed because our car was in the shop.  Then we had it all scheduled...and it got snowed out.  Then the next week was Thanksgiving, but last week we FINALLY had her friends over.

This was Firecracker's first "tea" party.  We don't drink tea, so instead it was a "Hot Chocolate Party."  I think later parties will be called "Cupcake Parties" because, let's face it...the girls were a lot more excited about the cupcakes than they were about the hot chocolate.  Especially since I decided to make the hot chocolate from stratch, from a new recipe I hadn't tried and it turned out less than excellent.  Next time I'll stick to the Swiss Miss packets.

Of course we had to have mini-marshmallows and candy canes for stirring.

I made mini-cupcakes and piped the frosting on top, so they would look fancy and dropped on a few sprinkles. 

I figured we should have something healthy to eat as a snack so we had Ritz crackers topped with chicken/grape/pineapple salad mixture.  (You the stuff they always serve on croissants at baby showers...)  I don't think any of the little girls touched them...but they were delicious.  The girls just ate far more cupcakes than a responsible parent would ever let them eat.

And since this was celebrating Firecracker reading, there had to be a book invovled, so we read Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann.

Then they all went and played dress-up and pulled out most of the other toys in the house and had a blast.  It's so funny to see 5 kindergarten age girls interacting.  It was fun to do on its own...and especially fun since Firecracker had earned it.  We're almost halfway through her second chart.  I think this time she's decided she wants to go see a movie for her reward.

I was inspired by my sister to go looking for some real teacups.  I was planning on looking for mismatched ones at Goodwill...and really lucked out when I found this set of 5 pink mini-tea cups and saucers at Goodwill for $6.50! 

And I'll show you how to make those doilies sometime soon...because right now I'm off to work on some Christmas presents...


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! Way to go mom . . . and firecracker on her reading too!

  2. Fun, fun, fun. I love to watch little kids interacting, too. Haha - they ate more cupcakes than a responsible parent would allow -- at least they were mini cupcakes!

  3. How fun! Good job on all that reading! I remember going to a "tea" party once when I was about her age :)


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