Friday, December 10, 2010

Make Your Own Doilies

As I was getting ready for Firecracker's Cupcake Party, I realized what we really needed were some doilies to go under the cups and saucers...but we didn't have any.

I still had some coffee filters left-over from making our snowflakes, so I improved.  (We don't drink coffee ourselves, but the filters are cheep to buy and great for craft projects.)

You start by ironing the filter flat.

Then fold the filter in half 4 times, so you have a wedge that's 1/16 the size of your original filter.

Then cut out half of two hearts near the top.

Unfold once and cut two more heart-halves lower down.
Unfold one more time and cut two more heart-halves near the tip.

Completely unfold and iron.

And set your table.
These could look pretty against red as a Christmas decoration too.


  1. great idea, easy way to fancy up a cupcake party.

  2. Very cute! I like the adaptation from the snowflakes.

  3. That is seriously the best use of a coffee filter and a pair of scissors EVER. Love the minimum effort but maximum effect.


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