Saturday, December 11, 2010

Felt Forests and Birdie Wreaths

Here are a couple of copy cat projects we've done this week.  Yesterday a friend watched Little Brother and Sweet Pea while I went in to help Firecracker's kindergarten make these Felt Christmas Trees.

I love how this student really filled their tree up with beads.
We pretty much followed the directions from That Artist Woman...except I tweeked the circle sizes just a bit and we didn't paint the toilet paper tubes.  I brought in everything already cut out and the kids just helped assemble them.

Little Brother and Sweet Pea helped me with a trial run earlier in the morning.

Here is Sweet Peas...she had quite a bit of help, but enjoyed putting the beads on.

We also made a wreath for our birds this week.  I saw a post about it on Sweet Pea and JoJo and followed the directions from Stephanie at Under the Porch and Dreaming.  It's made out of bird seed and unflavored gelatin.  We hung it in our very wintery looking tree in the backyard.

Then since we didn't see any birds near it after a day, we moved it to the Christmasy looking tree in the front yard where we've seen a number of birds hanging out...and we haven't seen a single bird go near it....
...but we'll keep looking...and at least it's kinda pretty.  I just used a fabric strip to hang it.


  1. Great projects! I like both of these ideas.

  2. Did any birds ever eat on this wreath?

    1. Yes, the birds loved it...although they did most of their eating of it on the ground since the wreath broke after a day or two.


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