Monday, January 3, 2011

Bathrobe to a Stuffie: Great Gift Ideas

I learned a while ago that I'm not really cut out to be a "REAL" craft blogger...I have a hard time sticking to any single theme for very long.  I don't have guest posts or sponsers.  I don't plan ahead enough to have my projects for most holidays posted before the holiday, so now that Christmas is over, I'll be showing you cool stuff you could have made for Christmas.  The truth is, though, that most Christmas gifts can also make great birthday or other gifts to use all year long...and you can always file these ideas away (or get a really early start) for next Christmas.

So for now, I'm declaring January to be Great Gift Idea month.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm sure there will be a random smattering of preschool activities to share too.  I hope you'll be along for the ride.

I'm still pulling together pics of some of the projects I made myself for pics of the hubby actually wearing his new belt.  So I thought I'd share a great gift idea my mom came up with.

Meet Sills the Cat. 
(Sweet Pea actually hasn't named her yet...but this was my brother's suggestion, so I think I'll try to influence her that way.  Sills was my grandparents' much loved cat.)

My mom took an old bathrobe of my grandmother's and turned it into stuffed animals for some of the grandkids.  Sweet Pea was lucky enough to get one of the stuffies.  This is extra special for us since my grandma passed away over 10 years ago...before any of the great-grandkids on our side of the family were born.

Sweet Pea loves cats, so this was the perfect choice for her.  It hasn't quite reached "I-need-it-in-my-bed-everytime-I-go-to-sleep" status yet...but she wants it in bed with her at least half the time which is quite a compliment.  She's a little picky about bedmates, and there are several bedtime gifts she was given that are still not allowed in her her new fleece blanket.


  1. Grandma named the (real) cat Sills because the cat yowled all the time. Beverly Sills was an opera singer.

    I used Simplicity pattern 2613. It was VERY simple to use.

  2. PS - thank you for posting the photos of Sweet Pea with the cat - so fun to see her snuggle with it!

    I forgot to mention that I also made several copies of the elephant from the Simplicity pattern.

  3. the cat is very cute and it's fun how it's made of memories!
    I wouldn't be worry about not to be like other bloggers. Your blog should be for yourself first and fun (and not an obligation).
    I'm still making christmas gifts! And I only can show them after the next weekend! ;)


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