Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fabric Note Cards with Text - Great Gift Idea

These are similar to the fabric note cards I made last summer, but this time I was a bit more systematic and used the same three fabrics to make a whole matched set.  To vary things a bit, though, I used some recycled cards from our wedding in the same color tone and also added some text using some of the super soft transfer paper I bought to make Hubby's belt and the fireman logos for the kids' pajamas.

I made a set for my mom as well as another set for my mother-in-law and aunt. When I printed the other heat transfer projects I was working on, I filled up the empty spaces of the transfer paper with odds and ends phrases to add to some fabric note cards.  I mostly used phrases like "Just Because..." and "I love you!"  Some of the cards I left without text, so they could be used for more occassions.  You do want to make sure you print your design in REVERSE on the transfer paper.

Here's what I started with...some fabric scraps, cardstock cut down to the size I wanted, and a little strip of transfer paper with text on it. 

I also threw in some recycled cards here and there for variety along with the fabric, and bought "invitation size" envelopes to send along with the cards.  Then I just layed out the fabric whichever way it looked good.  After the stitching was done, I ironed on the words. 
You'll want to follow the directions for your transfer paper, but I definitely discovered that you don't want to heat it too long.  For this kind, 20-30 seconds did the longer.

There are some of my favorites.  I like the dimension that the text adds.  Even though I was using the same fabrics, each card is unique and has a slightly different feel to it.  The possibility for cards is really endless.


  1. These are beautiful cards. Great gift idea! Thank you, Polly!

  2. these are cute! I love, love the look of handmade cards. I hope that you will link this up to my Show and Share Sunday linky party, going on all week.

  3. Love the cards. I have a daughter who is getting ready to leave home. This will be a great idea for sending her a special thought and love from home. Now a new follower, please come by and follow back.

  4. So cute! I love making cards and that is such a neat idea!


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