Monday, February 14, 2011

Conversation Heart Activities

ABC & 123 is one of my favorite blogs for coming up with Preschool Activities.  They didn't disappoint this Valentine's Day.  They had quite a few activities using conversation hearts as manipulatives, so despite how much I don't like to eat them, I picked up a bunch last time I went shopping.  You can follow their link or go here to What The Teacher Wants for the math activities.

We tried these out on Saturday when Firecracker was home from school.  We started out with graphing activity.  I gave each child their own little bowl with hearts in it.  Then I had them color in the hearts on their paper, since Little Brother and Sweet Pea couldn't read the colors.

I expected Firecracker to do quite well...and she did.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well Little Brother did with it.  I guess I need to do more graphing activities with him because he aced it.

Sweet Pea made more of a scatter plot with hers, but got plenty of fine motor skills practice.
Then we tried out the patterns.  Firecracker has been doing patterns a lot at school, so after she did some easy patterns...

I had her do some harder ones...

Little Brother did pretty well with making AB patterns, with just a couple mistakes...and the last row was whatever he felt like.  He enjoyed it, so I think we're going to be doing a lot more patterns with him now.

After Little Brother and Sweet Pea went down for the naps, Firecracker and I tried playing Battle Ship.  It was a little too challening for her, though.  I think it will be just right to play with her when Hubby is home to be on her team.

As a last activity, we tried the ABC order activity.  We chose 8 hearts and put them in ABC order.  This was right at Firecracker's level...a little tricky by still do-able.

There were some other fun activities in the packet we still need to try, but this exhaused Firecracker's attention span for the day.  I also had some fun taking pics of the hearts while the kids were working.

I hope you have a Valentine's Day that makes you smile.

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  1. Great pictures and great activities! I love the idea of playing battleship with the hearts. :)

  2. great you have links to your worksheets? thanks for sharing the great ideas!

  3. please disregard my last comment. found the brain is fried. sorry to bother you.

  4. Just did patterns with conversation hearts yesterday! We also sorted by colors and counted them and did a little easy subtraction... So much fun - even though I'm not fond of eatting the little things, the kids loved it!


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