Monday, March 14, 2011

{Today is Pi-Day!!} What's on Your Menu?

Even if you haven't been planning on celebrating Pi-Day, it's not too late to throw together a fun Pi-themed dinner.  Most of these ideas are really easy (especially if you buy pre-made crust).

Here's what we'll be having...

My Nana's Scotch Meat Pie but with Pi Shaped Toppers instead of hearts.

Cucumber Salad (because you know...cucumber slices are circular).

Canned Pi-neapple (because I didn't think of the idea in time to get fresh)  Thanks to the Fryman Four for that idea.  She also has a lot of other great ideas here.
For Dessert, we'll be having several kinds of pie of course...

The Best Ever Coconut Creme Pie.  I'm trying a new crust configuration, but sadly I won't have pictures until afterward.

Regular old Apple Pie, with a Pi symbol poked in the top.

And we'll probably have a few left over Muffin Tin Pudding Pies left over from our celebration with Firecracker's kindergarten class.

Where we'll be doing some of these fun Kindergarten Pi-Day Activities.

Hubby will go to school wearing the Pi Belt he received for Christmas.

These were our Halloween costumes in 2006. 
I'll be wearing the same T-shirt when I got to help Firecracker's class, but all three of our kiddos will be wearing brand new freezer paper Pi-shirts.  The shirts are finished, but I don't have pictures come back for pictures of those and the free freezer paper stencil patterns sometime in the next day or so...because I also have a cute (and not-nerdy) children's book to match.

And it's too late to order and wear for Pi-Day, but if you're a Pi fanatic, you might want to think about ordering one of these Pi necklaces from Boutique Academia

Sorry this isn't a read-along post...I'm cheating just a bit...but check back in a few hours for an awesome math themed Read-Along post from a good friend.


  1. Fun! We're not doing quite that much. :) We are having spaghetti pie for dinner and oreo pie for dessert, though. I haven't found a good gluten free pie crust for my little boy, but I do have gf oreos. :)

    And I adore your pi plate!

  2. Thanks for mentioning and linking to me! For some reason I didn't see your shirts until now-wish I had thought of the cutie pie shirt! Love the plate and belt, too!


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