Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can They Get Along TOO Well?

Little Brother and Sweet Pea have their days...Sometimes they get along great, and sometimes they're fighting with each other all morning.

I'm wondering if they can get along too well though.  Like this morning when Little Brother helped Sweet Pea dump purple sprinkles all over herself right after a bath, so it was back in the tub for her.  (Sorry no pic of the naked baby and sprinkes...I hate to know what kind of traffic that would bring to my blog.)

Then I figured..."Hey the weather's nice...let them go entertain themselves in the sandbox.  They can't get into much trouble there."


Next time I look out, they'd opened the back gate and walked most of the way to the elementary school.  By the time I caught up to them, they were almost ready to cross the road (which has very little traffic mid-day...but STILL!).

So now they're both grounded to the house for the rest of the day.  Little Brother said they were "trying to hide in the forest."  Don't they look sorry sitting here looking out at their "forest" and eating crackers? 


  1. Ahhh kids! At least yours like to play outside...my son is 8 and doesn't want to do anything unless it involves his DS! UGGGH. What I thought was an awesome investment as far as keeping entertained in the car, at the grocery store and so on has now blown up in my face!!!

  2. These poor little children need to go for a hike with grandma in the forest.


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