Friday, April 29, 2011

The Real Hole

We've been reading a lot of Beverly Cleary around here.  As I was looking up some of her books, I noticed the library had some of her picture books.  I didn't even know that Beverly Cleary wrote picture books.

We brought home The Real Hole by Beverly Cleary.  I have to say that as far as children's book...I'd say its about average...cute, but not amazing like her chapter books.  The kids loved it though, and it's inspired them.  The boy in the book likes "real" things and asks his dad for a "real" shovel so he can dig a "real" hole.  In the end he excedes everyone's expectations for how deep he can dig it.

So Firecracker went to work on her own.  She wanted to dig it in the grass, but I told her to do it in the field behind the house instead.




Just like in the book.

Little Brother and Sweet Pea even got in on the action.

Little Brother found a worm Buddy.

And I think Sweet Pea was trying to hatch something.

And Firecracker had to fill in the first hole she started out in the field (like my directions) but directly in the path we use all the time...I just figured it wasn't safe...kind of like the hole in the book.

It's a fun book for a weekend activity.  Push...lift...toss...  Have fun!


  1. Hmmm...I'll check with Grandpa to see if he needs any holes dug this weekend. :)

  2. Digging in the dirt is the best. JDaniel is inside due to allergies right now, but he love to dig.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  3. We've been digging a bunch of holes the last few days, working on Mom Naylor's garden. We planted green beans, corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers...

    When I was about her age, we dug a GIANT hole in our back yard in AK looking for red clay. We definitely had fun :)

  4. We love Beverly Cleary's books, and I didn't know about her picture books either. I'll look for this one at the library. Have you seen the book A Hole Is To Dig by Ruth Krauss and Maurice Sendak? It's a fun little "vintage" book. Another one we like is How to Dig a Hole To The Other Side Of The World by Faith McNulty and Marc Simont, but you wouldn't want your kids to dig that far! :)


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