Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Brother Burp Cloths

There's been a baby explosion in our tiny many I've lost count.  Our baby will be toward the tail end of the baby boom, but we're happy he/she will have such good company.  Lots of babies also means lots of baby showers to go to.

I like to experiment with different gifts, just to keep the crafting interesting, but always seem to keep coming back to burp cloths.  They're just so practical, are so easy to make, and it's never a duplicate gift.

This time I was making some burp cloths for a baby girl with 4 older siblings, all of whom will be old enough to help out burping and doing other things for her.  I wanted to make something girly...but would also work well for when the big brothers are helping out.

You might remember the big sister burp cloths I made a while ago for my sister's oldest when the youngest was born.  I thought it was time to come up with something for Big Brothers and came up with some Big Brother Burpers.

I love those muscles.

But not to leave this baby's sisters out, I made another Big Sister version.

Because big sisters are great burpers too.

I also took along a pan of this super easy lasagna for them to put in their fridge or freezer for a night when Mom needed help with dinner.

I used the Pretty Momma and Tough Daddy patterns from Twin Stitchers (I think these would make some funny burp cloths too...) as my starting point and with a little photoshopping and improvising came up with my design.

Since the original design is copyrighted by Twin Stitchers, I can't post it here, but I've worked it out with Coley of Twin Stitchers that if you purchase either the Pretty Momma or Tough Daddy pattern (which have multiple heads to choose from to personalize the little people) and email me a copy of your receipt, I'll send you the PDF file with these Burper patterns.  You can send it to polly.helping.little.hands (at) gmail (dot) com.

(Twin Stitchers has a ton of other cute doodle patterns too...and a great 50% off deal going on, so be sure to head over and check out the Christmas patterns.)

You'll have to excuse the funky colors in the photos in the photos.  Lighting in my bedroom after dark is not good...and I was already 5 minutes late for the shower when I finished these.  One side of these burp cloths was a fun yellow, orange, pink, and red flower pattern.  The plain side for the Brother Burpers was bright orange and the Sister Burpers were bright red.

For a tutorial showing how I make my burp clothes click here.

For a peak at my first Big Sister Burp Cloths and easy instructions on how I transferred the doodle pattern from the paper to the flannel, click here.

And if you want an easy way to turn your burp cloths into a pretty plate of cupcakes, click here.

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  1. You are amazing. Who knew that burp cloths could be so much fun?! I love these cute ideas to involve the siblings in caring for the new little one.

  2. Very cute idea. I've been making LOTS of burp cloths lately too (we jsut found out we're having a girl so I'm going crazy when it comes to "girly-izing" everything) and my kids are notoriously bad spitters (both so far have had acid reflux and I'm thinking that the next one will too, apparently my WHOLE family has had it, so I figure I'll get lots of use out of them). I just made one today with her innitials on it. And I love the idea of also bringing a freezer meal, always, ALWAYS something appreciated! Great job, and super cute doodles!

  3. Cute! You are quite the stick figure artist. Love it!

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