Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hawaiian Stripes Quilt Sneak Peek

So you may have noticed my posting has been a little sparse lately...or actually you probably read a lot of blogs, so you may not have noticed that mine wasn't popping up in your reader.

If you're a fan on Facebook, though, you might have guessed the reason is that I've started working on Christmas presents.  The realization suddenly hit me, that I have a limited number of hours when it is safe to work on the kids' Christmas gifts.  I can no longer work on a gift for one child in front of another child because they're old enough to tell each other what the surprise is.  And it turns out those prime Christmas gift making hours happen to be the same hours I usually use for blog posts...and the Christmas presents have been winning.

And while it's not safe to share my projects with my kids because they'll tell...I figure it is safe to share them with you...because my kids don't read my blog...at least not yet. :)

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm making for Firecracker.

She has several special blankets, but none of them are the size to really cover a twin bed.  She helped me choose this fabric while we were in Hawaii for her birth mom's wedding clear back in January.  These aren't exactly the fabrics/colors I would have chosen on my own...but this quilt is for her and these were her choice.  (And I love the purple and blue fabric she chose...and I'll admit that I'm leaving a print with hula girls in coconut bras and grass skirts out...those will just have to appear in a different project.)

I started with two-yard pieces of 3 fabrics and then threw in some solid yellow and brown from my stash to mellow out the busy prints.  I just cut the strips random widths and then laid them out...no particular plan in mind.

I'll post more details about it when I'm finished, but now that the strips are getting sewn together, I really like how it's turning out.
And would you believe I got the stop sewn together in one night?
True...although I still need to trim the edges and I was too tired to take a picture before I folded it up.  Pictures will be coming though.

Now here's the crazy part...I'm planning on making a quilt for each of the kids for Christmas.  We'll see if that's too ambitious.  I've been trolling the internet looking for some nice, simple options for Little Brother's and Sweet Pea's quilts.  (I really love making artistic, more involved quilts...but those don't mesh well with three little kiddos running around.)  If you're curious what's caught my eye, you can check out my Quilt Board on Pinterest.

What about you?  Have you started on Christmas gifts yet? 


  1. I think those fabrics are a wonderful expression of Firecracker's personality. I'm excited to see the finished project!

  2. I've been working on our Chrismas gifts. Luckily I don't have TOO many projects this year, BUT the big one is 5 planned princess dress-ups for my 4 year old... and I'm nearly 36 weeks pregnant, so I need to have them done in 3 weeks or less. Eek! 3 are all cut out and ready to assembly-line them... just gotta find the kid-free time! :)

  3. All of your projects are fantastic! I have a question about a guest post you did a few years ago with the tractor applique! Please email me- ash4christ@yahoo.com


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