Monday, December 19, 2011

Cancer Ribbon Ornament

Ribbons of various colors are symbols for a number of things, so this could be adapted for other purposes too.  A yellow ribbon ornament could be a fun tribute to a family member serving in the military.

We have an extended family member who has recently started going through cancer treatment.  As I was getting pictures and packages together to send out, I decided last minute to whip up this little ornament for her.  At our house, we like to come up with ornaments for the kids that have some significance to what's been going on during the last year...and while cancer is nothing that anyone wants to celebrate, looking back several years from now, I'm sure the cancer will be seen as a defining event for the 2011 holidays for her.

I was rushing to get gifts in the mail, so I didn't take pictures for a full tutorial...but this was so easy, you won't really need one.  Here's a quick run-down though in case you want to make one last minute too.

I cut out a two strips of in bright pink and one in pale pink and sewed them together along the edges to make a single long rectangle.

Then I wrapped it around on itself, and secured it with hot glue from my glue gun.

Then I used some green felt scraps and little red beads I'd saved from a broken bracelet.  I glued those on to part of the ribbon with hot glue to look like holly leaves and berries.

Next, I added 2011 on the other side with a fabric pen, although a sharpie could do the trick too.

Finally, I added a pink ribbon through the top for hanging it on the tree...although that really isn't necessary, as the ribbon itself can serve as a hanger.

And now the kids are waking I better go get breakfast going.  We got home yesterday evening after an easy drive home over the mountains from Seattle...only to wake up this morning to snow and a 2 hour late start.  I'm SO glad we drove home when we did!  Two more days of school and Hubby and Firecracker will have two weeks off for Christmas break...which also means my gift making time is going to be somewhat less each day.  YIKES!  Less than a week to go...

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  1. What a great idea! I hope she loves it!

  2. I have a cousin recovering from stage 4 breast cancer and I am going to get some felt and make one for her and one for my niece too. My niece's cousin died from breast cancer at age 34 and for Christmas I made a donation in her cousin's honor.
    This will be a perfect gift for both of them. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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