Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas and Weekend Tidbits

I've been enjoying the weekend with family.  (And I must not be the only one enjoying the weekend, because it hasn't looked like I've been missing much in blog land as I skimmed through my reader.)  Hubby's whole family has been in Seattle this weekend, so we figured we'd make the drive over and see everyone.  I'm not sure when the last time was that all the grandkids were together.  I think we counted 14 grandkids spending the entire day in one house while most of the adults went skiing.

I was one (of four) of the babysitting adults...not a skiing adult...seeing as I'm 6 months pregnant.  It was fun and a little exhausting to watch all the cousins having fun together.  I also managed to escape for a little while today to run some errands...since I have to take advantage of any trips to the "big city" for some of the shopping I can't get done at home.

I brought my flash drive with me, thinking that maybe I'd get a few real blog posts up about projects I've been working on, but instead I thought I'd link to a few projects I've been eying as stocking stuffers.

Now I do have to say this about stocking stuffers...I see some stocking stuffer lists and have to laugh when I see suggestions like iPods and the like on the list.  If I was going to give my kid an iPod, you better bet that it would be wrapped under the tree and not put in the stocking.  Stocking stuffers at our house are CHEAP little fun things.

Things I'll definitely be including are:
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Christmas chocolates
  • Candy canes
  • Christmas Ornaments
I'm hoping to make some monogram ornaments a little like these:

And of course each will be getting one of these book ornaments

Some things I'm hoping to include in some of the stockings are:

Bead Mazes - I've actually already made some of these, and I can't wait to share my own pattern with you because I've put my own twist on it...but I've been busy.

Baby doll sling - For Sweet Pea

Some belts - Probably just out of two colors to make them reversible and a little quicker to make.

Some Hair Clippies - For the girls.  I'm not sure what kind yet, but there are lots of cute flower options here.

Some Planet or Shooting Star Bean Bags - For Little go with his solar system quilt he'll be getting under the tree...and I still need to start.  YIKES!


And a few other ideas that are still floating around in my head that I don't have links or pictures for.  Who knows which (if any) of these little projects will actually get done before the big day.

What last minute projects and stocking stuffer ideas are you working on?


  1. Great ideas, Polly. I especially love those little star wands. Olivia would love that. Maybe I'll have to make one for her out of materials I can find here. :)

  2. I love the beanbags with tails. And the belts. And the felt flowers. When you have 20 grandchildren, what might look like a "stocking stuffer" to some mamas begins to look like part of a great Christmas gift for one of the little grandkids. Thanks for the ideas and links!

  3. Those are some great ideas! I haven't had a stuffed stocking since I was a kid and I know mom and dad used to put small/cheap things in ours too. I remember one year the boys got those little parachute men.
    Oh, and I actually made some felt hair clips for Firecracker. I didn't think to make any for Sweet Pea- d'oh! I won't send them until tomorrow so I could still make her a few (or they could share the ones I made for Firecracker).

  4. Great ideas. And I am with you, it better be cheap if it is a stocking stuffer!


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