Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mini-Book Ornament Variations and Giveaway Winners

We have some winners for the Ornament Giveaway!

It was so fun to hear all of your book recommendations.  There are several I need to hunt down at the library for sure.

If you're not a giveaway winner and want to make your own book ornaments, click here for the tutorial.

I also tried out a few variations when I made a few more.
  • No-sew option...I tried using my glue gun down the spine of the book to hold the pages in and it works great!  
  • Muslin page option...I ran out of white felt, so I tried using some muslin.  The muslin is easier to write personal messages on, which is nice.  On the other hand, it also results in a much thinner book, so it all depends on the look you want which one you'd prefer.

(I used a random number generated and counted down the list...skipping over the comments I removed because they were accidental duplicate comments.)

The following winners will get a set of two book ornaments.

#8 Hip Hippo Designs said... I follow your blog! My favorite Christmas book is The Tiny Star!

#32  Ruby Jean said...Oh how FUN!!! what a GREAT gift idea for a local library... This is even just great for my daughters American Girl Doll's...

#31 said... I really wish I knew how to use a sewing machine!!! I love these!

And this lucky winner gets a sheet of the printed book covers...

#34rainbowcreek said...Adorable, thanks for the tutorial and PDF. I just taught my granddaughter to use the sewing machine, she will be thrilled to have a project like this.

The winners have been contacted by email, so PLEASE reply back to me in time for me to get these mailed out by Christmas!

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