Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day! - Snow Activities to do Indoors

I know a lot of us are getting snow this week, so I thought I'd share some fun activities to keep your kiddos busy.

We've just had our first real snowfall of the year.  Yesterday was a snow day and we just got the phone call that today is too!  (A perk of having a husband for a teacher is getting a personal early morning phone call informing us of schedule changes.)

We spent most of the day yesterday getting caught up on some house work and just relaxing in general.  I also got some "final" pictures of several new projects I'm excited to share with you over the next few weeks.

Firecracker went and played outside for a little while, but was driven in by the cold fairly quickly.  Little Brother and Sweet Pea never did make it outside into the snow...but there will be plenty left for today.

Last year I shared how to make Best Ever Snowflakes using coffee filters.  I've still got some coffee filters left over from last year, so I think we'll be making more of these today.

A few days ago (when I thought we might not be getting snow this year...HA!) we tried an idea from Christianne at Little Page Turners to use marshmallows to have fun with "snow."  You've really got to check out her post to see the igloo her daughter made...and Christianne has a lot of other fun winter activities and books that are work check ing out.

I knew my kids would have fun, but was impressed with just how into it they got.

Firecracker made the most detailed figures...
...a snowman...

...and this snow dog friend.
And then a snow rainbow to finish it off.

Little Brother got super involved into making his snowflakes...

And I was especially surprised at how well Sweet Pea did all on her own.  She lined them up and then came up with the idea that it was the path to Firecracker's school all on her own.

Of course building with them was not the only thing we did...

Of course, whether or not you have snow outside, you can also pretend play with snow inside...and it's a lot warmer.  This is Little Brother and his birth mom building a snowmen inside during her visit a little over a year ago.

And it doesn't have to be snow-themed to make a good snowy day activity.  Head over to my Children's book page for links to tons of different activities to do with kids.

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  1. We made snow cream, with a little milk sugar and cocoa and snow of coarse. We also made snowman pizza. Today we started some. Borax crystals.

  2. Great ideas, Polly!

    And homemade pizza sounds good now, Holly. :)


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