Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spectacular Scent Melts: Clearance @ Lily and Oak

I  just got into scent melts this year, through my friend Lisa.  At first I wasn't so sure about them because I've never been a candle-person.  Candles kind of freak me out because of the fire danger and having kids around.  Scent melts are a great alternative, and I have loved having them in my home.

I've mentioned Lisa's scent melts before, and every scent I've tried has been delightful.

And if you're wishing for spring the way I am, some of her floral scents will help it feel more springy in your home...
...even if it's still cold, snowy, and overcast outside.  I can't wait for the tulips to show up in my yard again.  (I took this last April.)

If you're already a scent melt lover...or have been hoping to try some...this is a great time to stock up.  My friend Lisa changed the name of her shop a while ago from Scrapbug Designs to Lily and Oak.

She's putting all of her "Old Label" scent melts on clearance for over 55% off  her already great prices.  For just $1.75 you can get a 6-melt clamshell of some of her best scents.  These scents are not being discontinued...just the labels on them.  This is a great opportunity to try out Lisa's products.

Or if you're looking for a particular scent, be sure to check out her entire selection of scent melts here.  

Lisa also has some other fun products that she just put on clearance, so be sure to check out her whole clearance section, including the same style scent melter that you use.  (Red is no longer in stock, but there are still lots of other great colors.)
Lisa also offers a lot of other great products.  Her glass tile pendants are beautiful...and she even offers a custom glass tile pendant option.  Last year, I had her make these pendants for my kids' birth moms as a Mother's Day gift.

And I love Lisa's new selection of metal tray pendants.

Each pendant is made to order, so you'll get exactly what you want.
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